I bought 2 pairs of jelly shoes on 26 March 2014 cost RM45 each. The delivery period is 15 April to 25 April.

I didnt received it at the mention period so I called, emailed, Fb PM and even post in their fb page but no respond!! I realise that there are many people facing the same problem with me. I wish I knew all this earlier so I won't purchase anything with them. To my relief, I received the parcel on 15 May, which is delayed about one month.

However, Im dissapointed again. Quality of the shoes are not as shown in their website! The packaging is terrible and the shoes come with permanent yellow stain! I am very frustated and I made a complaint to NCCC online.

I didnt ask for new shoes replacement as I do not know how long are they going to keep me waiting.

It is a wasting of time and money. I would not buy from them anymore!

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